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Caravanning Tips/Equipment

Our page of caravan tips, recommended equipment etc..

Our Recommended Essential Equipment:

Outside Equipment:

Water containers - We use Aquaroll 40l, easy to move and enough water for 24 hrs for 4 people, all washing up etc.

Waste Water - We started off with a simple waste container, and have moved to a waste master.  This is easer if you are a long way from the water points, but also has the advantage of being used to transport your chemi toilet.

Caravan Step - Our best investment, even though difficult to find now was a Toolbox storage step.  Replaces the normal caravan step with a box, suitable for keeping tools and those important little spares see below.  Can be purchased here or a slightly different version from our store

Steadies - To be honest, for speed in setting up, we always take an electric drill/screwdriver and use a corner steady power tool adaptor.  The drill also comes in handy in case of repairs being required whilst away (Seems to get a lot of use in our van!).

Levellers - Our choice is a leveller instead of levelling blocks.  A lot more expensive then levelling blocks, these are more versatile, can give greater height adjustment, but more importantly get be easily used after the van is unhitched. To support this we would also recommend a ratchet wrench, normally with 19mm driver.



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